Kids In Motion Clinic


Benefits to Home-Based Therapy Services

  • Caregivers are empowered by the learning opportunities they receive from close contact with the therapist. They learn valuable therapeutic tools to implement on a daily basis.
  • Caregiver education about a child’s therapy needs takes place within the the family’s routine and incorporates the family’s own resources.
  • Improved follow-through with strategies, as the family takes an active role in the therapeutic process.
  • Family involvement leads to increased consistency and maximizes results.
  • The stress of transportation to and from a clinic is eliminated.
  • Home-based therapist can ensure that equipment and strategies are appropriate and able to be implemented into the family’s daily life.
  • Children seen in their home may be more relaxed since it is a familiar and comfortable environment. This can lead to increased participation and better outcomes.
  • Learning new skills in a natural environment is more beneficial than in a simulated environment.

Benefits of Coming to our Christ the King Clinic

  • Access to our sensory room for therapeutic play
  • Fewer distractions
  • Focused environment
  • A place to find the tools that may be replicated in the home