Kids In Motion Clinic

About Us

The mission of Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic is to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy for the children of Whatcom County and surrounding areas including but not limited to those with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Currently there are long waiting lists for children to receive these therapies in our area. Parents either have to drive their children long distances, keep their children on a waiting list in hopes their child will not miss too many milestones or just go without treatment for their child.

The wait lists range from 2-6 months for an evaluation for these therapies. This does not include getting the child on the caseload for treatment. This can take even longer.

Children grow and change at such a rapid rate that having to wait can put the child even further behind.


Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic provides physical, occupational and speech therapy for the children of Whatcom County and surrounding areas who have neuromuscular disorders.

Physical Therapy service assists children in developing strength, range of motion and to reach milestones such as sitting, standing, crawling, walking, and grasping objects.

Occupational Therapy service assists children in mastering skills necessary for successful daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing and writing.

Speech Therapy service assists children in developing successful communication skills by addressing such skills as phonation, intonation, speech mechanics, syntax, grammar, semantics, meaning and pragmatics.

Julia Creech, Co-Founder

Physical Therapy Assistant – Associates Degree from Whatcom Community College. Julia has been working with children in a variety of settings for 27 years. She coached sports, taught swimming lessons, was a Scout Leader, worked with children in her church and assisted her own children with raising 8 service dogs. Throughout her different experiences she has worked with many children who are developmentally delayed or have neurodevelopmental disorders. She currently works in the Lynden School District providing as many as 20 children with physical therapy.

Her passion for helping these children continues to grow stronger as she sees the need for more services in this area continue to grow. After consulting with her pastor regarding this need he introduced her to Patrick McEvoy an entrepreneur who generously decided to assist Julia with the endeavor of starting a pediatric clinic.

Our Therapists

Shannon Lanskis, Physical Therapist
Sarah Hare, Occupational Therapist
Stacie Erfle, Occupational Therapist
Erin Cristofaro, Speech Language Pathologist
Sophie Kangas, Speech Language Pathologist CF

Meet the Board of Directors

We appreciate the support of our Board of Directors

Erwin Castillo President Board Member Since 2015
Debbie Johnson Vice President / Treasurer Board Member Since 2017
Kelsey Ungersma Secretary Board Member Since 2017
Marc Creech Member at Large Board Member Since 2013
Emma Byrd Community Relations Board Member Since 2016
Heidi Hinz Market Director Board Member Since 2017